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Natus® SleepWorks™ v44 PSG Diagnostic System

The full-featured SleepWorks Sleep Diagnostic System with V44 amplifier plays an important role in diagnosing sleep-related disorders. This complete diagnostic package is designed to meet the needs of private practice clinics, sleep clinics, hospitals and large teaching facilities and enables lab compliance with the latest guidelines published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

From starting a study with patient demographics automatically populated by the facilities electronic medical records system to the titration of today’s advanced therapies, this system will meet any PSG demand. While the reliable and flexible data management, study acquisition and review features are the foundations of a cybersecure solution that simplifies sleep diagnostics.

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Key Features

  • Simple set up, collection, review, analysis and reporting.
  • Easy study starts from the integrated database.
  • Advanced network solutions allow data streaming from any patient room to any acquisition system.
  • Enhanced security features.

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