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Nicolet® Monitor

Is the leading solution for intensive care brain monitoring. Continuous brain monitoring is used to monitor EEG brain activity and other physiological parameters in acutely ill patients.

The features allow it to be used from pre-term neonates through adults. Fully integrated video, integrated in spike and seizure detection, burst suppression analysis and a comprehensive library of trends makes this a completely capable system. The small footprint is ideal for the crowded ICU bedside.

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Key Features

  • Brain monitoring for pre-term neonates to adults.
  • Comprehensive system with integrated video, EEG, EKG, SpO2 and real time remote access.
  • Includes integrated, real time trend package for automated seizure detection, burst suppression analysis, brain symmetry analysis and more.
  • Trends quickly identify pathological signals for immediate intervention.
  • Integrates data from vital signs monitors.
  • -aEEG trend and alerts triggered by clinical events provide ICU staff with meaningful data.
  • Customizable protocols for NICU, Neuro ICU, Stroke, Trauma and Cardiovascular ICUs.

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