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PolyWatch Sleep Screener YH-600 pro

The BMC PolyWach YH-600 Pro polygraph has a clock design that allows diagnosis to be made both in the hospital or sleep clinic as well as at the patient's home. It is easy to use and lightweight. The screen is color LED and the real-time wave display helps to know the events in time. CSA detection: Detection of abdominal and chest movements to detect CSA and identify its automatic status through the movement of the wrist.

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Key Features

  • Portable design meets the mobility requirement. Its simplicity and lightweight features give you a better sleep care.
  • Multiple parameters detection will provide you with reliable and diversified monitoring data.
  • Automatic sleep identifies and CSA detection gives you an accurate diagnosis.
  • Validated report provides you comprehensive information about your sleep index.
  • Complete analysis results assist doctors to make further treatment plans for you.

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