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Xltek® Brain Monitor Amplifier

Brain Monitor features 50 clearly marked inputs, including oxygen saturation and pulse rate from an integrated MasimoSET oximeter.

Sleep or EEG studies can be run using Brain Monitor or, with its 50 channels, a full EEG study and PSG study at the same time. A patient-event switch interface and a photic stimulator interface are standard to allow complete EEG functionality. Internal signal processing digitizes the data at the amplifier eliminating analog data transfer and minimizing noise. The amplifier system can be fixed to a wall or mounted on a variety of carts, with unique quick-disconnect options allowing easy and safe movement of the unit to where you need it.

This versatile amplifier has all the features needed for brain monitoring in an epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) or the intensive care unit (ICU), translating to a highly cost-effective solution for a hospital or clinic.

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Key Features

  • 50-channel amplifier; 32 referential, 6 differential, 10 DC, 2 sensor inputs.
  • Wide bandwidth: 0.1-70 Hz.
  • Sampling rates up to 512 Hz.
  • Powered sensor inputs.
  • Nightlight.
  • Optional holster, articulated arm, or roll stand

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