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Embletta® MPR Sleep System

It is scalable from Type IV to Type I PSG testing. It's foundation is the Embletta MPR, a fourth generation ambulatory sleep recorder designed to be reliable and easy to use offers 7 channels of data.
The LCD on the device facilitates signal quality checks bedside without the need for a computer and offers 12 channels of collected data and can be interfaced with the ST Proxy for 8 additional channels or the ST+ Proxy for 16 additional channels to meet Type II ambulatory recording requirements.
Finally, the addition of the TX Proxy adds Differential Pressure and 6 DC channels with the ability to record online when used with RemLogic software.

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Key Features

  • Scalable channel configurations
  • Bio-Sensor Auto Start
  • Operates on two AA batteries
  • Multi-night recordings
  • Can be programmed for scheduled recordings

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